Yogamedic toe spreader

Hallux Valgus - A widespread disease

Are you suffering from a malposition of your foot and toes? Your big toe bends outwards, presses on the small toes and every step is a torture? You are not alone with this problem: Million of people suffer from hallux valgus. Often with drastic restrictions of quality of life and mobility in everyday life.

Women are particularly affected

Almost 90% of those affected are women. Too tight shoes and high heels squeeze the toes together and overload the metatarsophalangeal joint of the big toe.

The consequence? The big toe leans more and more towards the outside of the foot, the ball of the foot inflames and swells. And the pain becomes unbearable.

Early treatment is important

However, hallux valgus is not accompanied by pain in every phase. Initially, many people believe that the bent big toe is merely a cosmetic blemish. It is only a matter of time before the pain occurs.

The problem: Orthopaedic aids from the pharmacy are quite expensive in the long run. Many sufferers therefore delay treatment as long as possible - often with dramatic consequences. The later a correction is made, the worse the consequential damage will be. In most cases, an operation can no longer be avoided. The YogaMedic toe spreader shows that things can be different. Its founding team knows the sufferings of hallux valgus from their own family. For a long time you were looking for an efficient and inexpensive solution against the bent big toe and the daily pain. The search was unsuccessful. After months of research, the two developed their own product.

How does the toe spreader help?

The toe spreader corrects the malposition of the foot and toes, relieves pain and prevents hallux valgus. This guarantees a pain-free everyday life and keeps the feet healthy and resilient.

The special thing about YogaMedic: There are no middlemen. The product is delivered directly to the customer after manufacture. In this way trade costs are saved and passed on directly to the consumer as a price advantage.

How does the toe spreader work?

The principle of the toe spreader is very simple: In order to compensate for the foot malposition, silicone gel is clamped between the toes. Since the toe spreader is pulled over the big toe, the inflamed ball of the foot is also protected from pressure and external stress.  Particularly practical: The toe spreader can also be put on in shoes without any problems.

YogaMedic toe spreader

Finally walk relaxed again.